Package nu.validator.htmlparser.common

This package provides common interfaces and enumerations.


Interface Summary
ByteReadable An interface for providing a method for reading a stream of bytes one byte at a time.
CharacterHandler An interface for receiving notifications of UTF-16 code units read from a character stream.
DocumentModeHandler A callback interface for receiving notification about the document mode.
EncodingDeclarationHandler An interface for communicating about character encoding names with the environment of the parser.
Interner A placeholder type that translates into the type of the C++ class that implements an interning service for local names (@Local in Java).
TokenHandler Tokenizer reports tokens through this interface.
TransitionHandler An interface for intercepting information about the state transitions that the tokenizer is making.

Enum Summary
DoctypeExpectation Used for indicating desired behavior with legacy doctypes.
DocumentMode Represents the HTML document compatibility mode.
Heuristics Indicates a request for character encoding sniffer choice.
XmlViolationPolicy Policy for XML 1.0 violations.

Package nu.validator.htmlparser.common Description

This package provides common interfaces and enumerations.